mercoledì 16 aprile 2008

Scheda Tecnica: Next (Up) by R-Sky


Livello di utilizzo: Competizione.
Velocità: Moderata.
Apertura Alare: 240cm.
Altezza: 85cm.
Wind Range: 1 – 5 Btf. (5 – 35 kmh)
Vela: Icarex PC31 – Mylar
Briglie: Turbo Reverse.
Longheroni: SkyShark P300
Spina: Structil 6mm
Traversa bassa: SkyShark 5PT
Traversa alta: Structil 6mm
Stand Off: 4x 3mm carbon

Born of the fusion of two giants, the Nirvana and the Krystal, the NEXT combines a high accuracy with a greater ease in freestyle than its predecessors. Equipped with an innovating sail profile, the NEXT is outfitted of a variable volume spine (VSP) for speed regulation. It provides a brand new comfort on an extended wind range.Tested and validated all along its development by Richard Debray in order to guarantee its efficiency, the NEXT has been designed to satisfy the requirements of advanced flyers. It foreshadows the arrival of the next stunt kites genesis of R-SKY.

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